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  • Pearl Abrasive

    About 5 decades back, Max Pearlman established a little steel manufacturing organization. The organization extended and turned into an expansive client of grating items. With the interest for reliably top notch, practical abrasives on the ascent, the Pearlman family perceived that the business was prepared for a client driven grating merchant. Utilizing this reasoning, Pearl has extended from a little family undertaking into a universal company offering covered and fortified abrasives, precious stone super abrasives and hardware all through North, Central and South America. In 1968, The Pearl Abrasive Company was established as a completely claimed backup of the family run Pearlman Corporation.

    It is in ToolOrbit’s mission to make everything available that craftsmen want regardless of their seniority and field of trade. That’s why we put a lot of effort in bringing you the variety of products from Pearl Abrasive that are not only top notch in quality but promise performance that lasts for years making your investment in these products a profitable one.

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